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By designing tailored security solutions CW Security Group is adept at providing our clients the highest level of personal protection and corporate security.  Our methodology is unobtrusive with implementation designed to fit our clients' existing culture and atmosphere.  Let "CW" do the worrying for you. security service

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Our security team has a well-deserved reputation of excellence in providing effective, sensible, and cost-effective protection and security solutions for our clients.

 Often, more than one area of expertise is required with security services. With CW Security Group, we have the ability to provide a myriad of security skill sets simultaneously, all being applied, coordinated and supervised under one control.  We can accommodate any security needs for you in any areas of concern.
We serve a wide range of clientele, and every client relationship is valued greatly, treated with dignity and respect and kept strictly confidential. Each engagement benefits from the depth and breadth of our expertise.

                       MISSION STATEMENT

                 PRESIDENT and CEO

                                                                         Charles T. Wunder

Mr. Wunder has over 25 years of combined law enforcement and military experience and is currently an Assistant Watch Commander with the Los Angeles Police Department.  Mr. Wunder has extensive experience in the tactical field, plain clothes operations, interrogations and investigations.  As a training Instructor with the Los Angeles Police Department, Mr. Wunder has trained law enforcement personnel in areas including active shooters on school campuses, officer rapid deployment, building searches, use of force, field tactics and Multi Assault Counter Terrorism Action Capabilities, among others. He holds a Supervisory Peace Officer Standards and Training Certification from the California Department of Justice and a NRA and FBI Range Master Certification. He has extensive experience dealing with civilian organizations. Mr. Wunder also served as a Sergeant with the United States Army Reserve, where he obtained his Airborne Certification, was a Psychological Operations Specialist and studied Civil Affairs Operations. Mr. Wunder received the Golden Badge Foundation Award for Heroism from the California Law Enforcement Association and the National Association of Police Organization TOP COPS Award in 2006.  Mr. Wunder has over thirty police and military certifications and has been recognized with six state and national awards.

  • FBI Range Master Certification
  • NRA Range Master Certification
  • NRA Handgun and Shotgun Instructor
  • DOJ Handgun Instructor
  • USMC Range Master Certification
  • LAPD long rifle, handgun, shotgun and precision handgun instructor
  • Field officer tactics Instructor
  • Less lethal munitions Instructor
  • Surveillance / counter surveillance measures
  • Supervisory California POST certificate
  • Rapid deployment tactics
  • Plain clothes operations