Decreasing real-world risks for high-profile individuals requires constant monitoring of ever-changing circumstances and decisions.  External circumstances, thinking on the move, adapting and overcoming, communicating and coordinating the operation.  CW Security Group only employees Tier I individuals who can apply these skill sets in a real world environment to achieve the protection level you require. security guard security companies corporate security

If the fire alarm or sprinkler systems are out of service due to power outages, damage or repairs, CWSG has experience providing fire watch patrol services.  CWSG personnel will patrol, monitor and report any emergencies at your business protecting against fire and burglary during these outages.  The fire watch patrol documents the findings on a written log until your system is operational and will provide our written logs for inspection to the client or Fire Marshall.  Let us worry about keeping your building and property safe, while you sleep.



     School SAFETY and Security

Security Assessments

Protecting your assets are a basic human instinct - you've worked hard for what you have. Why would you jeopardize that? At CW security Group, we're dedicated to providing your company true security and peace of mind. When you know you're safe and secure, you can rest easily.  We serve a wide range of clientele, and every client relationship is different and valued greatly. Each engagement and strategy benefits from the depth and breadth of our security expertise.

Any special event requires hours of security preparation, with strategies that involve in depth planning and training designed to account for every detail, no matter how minute. The events we secure involve high levels of coordination between event and security staff.  Our priorities: be vigilant yet unobtrusive, be thorough without being disruptive, and never forget that the client or world is watching.

No one ever expects bad things to happen - it always happens somewhere else, to someone else.  Except when it doesn't.  Today, more than ever school security is a real concern.  A school is a place of learning where students should feel comfortable and relaxed so they can fully engage in the learning process without distraction.  At CW Security Group we can provide security at any level of learning institution without interrupting the existing atmosphere or environment.  We do this by employing security personnel who are active or retired police officers and who specialize in providing discreet armed response to any threat that may occur.  Their attire ranges from a subdued casual look to a highly visible professional uniform.  We balance the school environment with our security footprint and visibility.  The only atmosphere  we change is giving you peace of mind and a feeling of reassurance.


Protection vs. Security: What is the difference? What do you need? How do you balance privacy, company culture vs. security posture?


                   There's no feeling you learn to appreciate more than security.CW Security Group in Los Angeles industry news

CW Security Group provides armed transport and courier services for sensitive documents, valuables and currency.  We offer low profile transportation and personnel  techniques which enhances security and anonymity without compromising speed.  We provide door to door service  anywhere throughout the United States.


CW Security Group provides security guards who have completed the state regulated training along with additional mandatory training courses required by our organization.   All of our security guards understand that their primary objective is to deter crime and be as vigilant as possible in order to protect our clients’ interests.  Our guards are carefully selected to meet the needs and organizational personality of our clients.  All of our guards are routinely monitored by our supervisors and their activities are monitored daily through our guard tracking system.  Our guards are all individually trained by a supervisor at each location to make sure they fully understand the tasks and responsibilities issued to them.

When a Critical Incident occurs on a campus, workplace, shopping mall, or any business, your response and those around you will determine who survives.  CW Security Group offers seminars and training exercises taught by cadre members who are highly trained and knowledgeable in the area of active shooters and survival techniques.

To obtain an FSC (firearms safety certificate) you must score at least 75% (23 correct answers out of 30 questions) on the FSC Test covering firearm safety and basic firearms laws. The true/false and multiple choice test is given by DOJ Certified Instructors.

CRITICAL INCIDENT SURVIVAL Seminars / Firearm  Training Certifications


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Whether you have existing security and want to augment it, replace it or simply want to review it, CW Security Group has the experience to conduct an exhaustive and comprehensive security assessment for you.  CW Security Group will evaluate the current overall security posture, provide an in depth analysis of security measures, identify deficiencies and offer solutions.  CW Security Group will present their findings in their industry leading STAR (Security Threat Analysis Report) report.   

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